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Here at Re-Earth Wellness, I offer various events, workshops, and classes to help you come back to wholeness.


Support Group- Your Body Is Not An Apology Workbook

Be held accountable in a 12-week online support group working through this life changing workbook.

You will learn, in community, tools for radical self-love. You will explore the roots of your body image issues and learn to have more self-compassion. By hearing others’ experiences and sharing your own, you will go deeper into where you are NOT loving yourself and how to bring more love to all your parts.

Purchasing the workbook is required to join this support group ($13 on Amazon). You do not need to read the original book, Your Body Is Not An Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor, to join the group. However, reading the original book will set you up for more understanding.

Space held by Shayla Nawrocki

DATE & Time

Tuesdays 6:30pm-7:30pm


June 25th, 2024


Online via Zoom


$30 per group

Other Details

Purchase the workbook before beginning the group

virtual education class

Radical Sex Ed for Women


The sex education that you NEVER got in school!

Explore the intricacies of the menstrual cycle, demystify common myths, and gain valuable insights and resources in womb health and well-being. And learn how sex and pleasure can heal your womb.

This class is designed for you to learn how to harness the power of your hormones to help heal your body, mind and spirit. Learn how to work with your body rather than against it. This class will help you to better understand your hormones, PMS symptoms, fertility, menstrual diagnosis, mental health, sex and your relationship to your body.

Join me in community where sacred knowledge will be shared, questions are welcomed, and every woman can embrace her natural body with confidence and pleasure.

Facilitated by a Somatic Therapist; Shayla Nawrocki

DATE & Time

Monday April 8th, 2024

6pm PST – 8pm PST


Virtual Class hosted on Zoom



Recording available

Other Details

Be ready to take notes and ask questions. After you sign up you will receive the Zoom link in your email

Group Therapy

Process Group 2024

Join Shayla’s annual process group, limited to 8 participants each year. Deepen your personal work with group therapy!

Step into a supportive and transformative journey of self-discovery with this monthly process group. Embrace the power of mind-body connection as we explore and heal through movement, expression, and deep emotional exploration. Connect with others in a safe and nurturing space, where you can cultivate resilience, find your inner strength, and embark on the unfolding of your life-path. Join us on a voyage of self-discovery and healing, where your body becomes a guide to unlocking your fullest potential.

This therapy group will be one Saturday a month for eight months. I encourage each participant to attend every session for group cohesion. We will meet in person at my office in Ballard. Be prepared to move your body and share, this is brave space.

Facilitated by Shayla Nawrocki

DATE & Time

Saturdays 9:30am-2:30pm

Begins October 2024


7326 15th Ave NW Seattle, WA 98117


$150.00 per group session.

Other Details

Wear loose fitted clothing to move your body, bring a notebook and pen, bring a water bottle and snack if you need

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