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Joyfully Alive!

The Joyfully Alive workshop will be different from most workshops you might have attended in the past, as we are diving straight into experiential body awareness and movement. This would be wonderful for individuals who are new to somatic therapy or interested in learning more about it. You do not need to be in any kind of therapy or program to attend. In fact, this is meant for those who are curious and excited to learn more about their bodies and how they hold stress.

However, this workshop will also support your current healing practices. People who want to deepen their current therapeutic work and bring insight to uncharted areas of their body and life will be overjoyed by this workshop.

Come and move, play and live with us!

Hosted by Shayla Nawrocki and Christine Stevralia

DATE & Time

Saturday October 22nd at 10am (pst)


Over Zoom



Other Details

Wear loose fitted clothing, have a private space to move your body, bring a notebook and pen, bring a water bottle and tissues for tears

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