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Offering somatic psychotherapy for individuals and couples. Trained in CORE Energetics and holistic, nature-based counseling. Located in Seattle, Washington.

Shayla Nawrocki, MA, LMFT, MHP

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Hello there, I’m Shayla.

As a psychotherapist, I love working with my clients to bring about healing in a grounded and holistic way. As someone who knows that life is both a beautiful and painful process, bringing laughter as well as tears, I have learned that with the help of Nature and love, human beings have the innate ability to heal themselves and create their own life journey. My aim is to walk alongside you in your journey as your guide and therapist to wellness and healing. Read on to learn more about my services.

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Therapy with me is a synthesis of body-oriented psychotherapy, nature-based therapy and spiritual development. We learn how we are blocking our own life energy and continue to perpetuate defense patterns that we adapted from childhood. My clients report more joy, more freedom, more aliveness and being able to create the life they truly desire. 

This type of therapeutic work is geared towards individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, daily stress and uneasiness, post-traumatic stress symptoms, and feeling lost in their life. These people tend to be open and curious about learning about themselves. And they wish to find more joy, more pleasure and live a life full of wonder.

Do you want to reignite the fire in your marriage and be so in love with your partner that you can’t wait to get them alone? Don’t think it can happen? It absolutely does!

This type of therapy is for couples seeking help to reawaken the passion in their relationship. Perhaps you have been together for a long time and things have become boring, or worse conflictual. My holistic approach will help couples to understand how their pasts are affecting their relationship and how we can help ourselves and our partners begin to heal and also create a deeper, more mature relationship.

Group therapy is a profound experience, where healing can be accelerated. By witnessing other’s stories and being witnessed in your own story, a vulnerable and inspiring connection happens. In this connection clients find freedom to be their fullest and most authentic self.

Group therapy at Re-Earth Wellness uses verbal processing as well as body movement and playful exercises that help clients push outside of their comfort zones and leads them to embodiment and confidence in the world.

The events and workshops at Re-Earth Wellness provide a rich experience for people to come and learn in a short period of time but leave with life altering tools and insight. These are beneficial for people who are curious but not ready to commit a ton of time to their mental health yet. And they are also extremely beneficial for those who have regular therapeutic practices and want to dive even deeper.

The events and workshops change often, ranging in different topics, time lengths and dates.

Check back for updates on upcoming events! 

Shayla Nawrocki, Therapist at Re-Earth Wellness Seattle, WA
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